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What is spiritual compromise? Is compromise ever a good thing for the Christian or the church?
Christian, do you have what the Bible describes as a realistic attitude toward this present evil world? What things characterize such an attitude? Stay tuned for the answers, as we continue our series of messages on the Biblical doctrine of separation.
The Bible tells us that this present evil world is passing away. But it also tells us that the person who does the will of God will abide forever. What does that mean? Is this truth impacting your life as a Christian? How should this truth affect you?
The Bible is the revealed will of God. Within its pages the doctrine of separation is woven into the great fabric of interconnected doctrine from Genesis all the way to Revelation. Separation is the will of God for every believer, without exception.
God has made a great promise that is to serve as the motivation for separated, Christ-like living on the part of every believer. What is that promise?
Today we present the second half of a message on the Bible's crucial identity of the Lord Jesus Christ as The Holy One of Israel.
Many people today are believing in a false Jesus. Ironically, often the first place they hear about such a "Jesus" is in a Christmas message.
First John chapter 2 tells us that three things - three vain and empty things - constitute the sum total of all that this present evil world can offer. What are those things? Why must those things become more and more foreign to the life of the true believers in Christ?
Whether or not an individual is practicing Biblical separation, as Scripture defines it, is a key indicator of whether or not an individual is a Christian - a key indicator of whether or not an individual possesses the love of God.
In First John 2:15 Christians are told, literally, "Stop loving the world." What is the "world" that Christians are to stop loving? What is the nature of the love we are to stop practicing?
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