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God often uses multiple people in manifold ways as He brings a sinner to saving faith.
Christian, are you becoming spiritually mature? What does it mean to become spiritually mature? Where is spiritual maturity to be found? Does it come easily, or does it involve struggle?
Much of today's Evangelical church is on a diet of spiritual junk food: High short-term emotional energy, but little or no lasting spiritual nutrition.
In the book of Ezra, God commanded the returning remnant of Israel to divorce their unbelieving spouses. In First Corinthians, Christians are told to remain in the marriage relationship with an unbelieving spouse. Why the difference?
Spiritual separation from the unsaved under your own roof is one of the greatest challenges for many Christians.
A prominent theologian has just published a book telling Christians they need to become "worldly saints." But that is not our Divine calling.
Social justice is not the Gospel. Only the Biblical Gospel can truly change everything.
What is spiritual compromise? Is compromise ever a good thing for the Christian or the church?
Christian, do you have what the Bible describes as a realistic attitude toward this present evil world? What things characterize such an attitude? Stay tuned for the answers, as we continue our series of messages on the Biblical doctrine of separation.
The Bible tells us that this present evil world is passing away. But it also tells us that the person who does the will of God will abide forever. What does that mean? Is this truth impacting your life as a Christian? How should this truth affect you?
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