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Today many professing Christians are following after a counterfeit "Jesus" who is not the true Christ of the Bible. We see the evidence of this in the lack of spiritual separation in much of the professing church. What is the answer?
There is much confusion about spiritual separation in today's church. As a result, many people attending churches think they are saved, but they are not. Many are following Jesus as some sort of life example, success example, "life mentor", or "life coach", rather than believing on Him as their Savior from sin, and living a life that is separated from the world, and separated unto God.
Is Biblical separation optional for the Christian and the church?
Christian, do you know that the Word of God calls you an alien in this present evil world? Do you understand what that means? In view of that fact, how should your life, and the life of your church, be different from the world?
Scripture warns against three principal categories of compromise with this present evil world - in relationships, resources, and religion.
Does Biblical separation only mean that we separate ourselves from certain people or groups that don't stand for or against the same things we do?
Spiritually speaking, Christians have been moved from one "country" to another. We have been separated from this present evil world, separated unto God. But God has not driven us into another land as conquered enemies. He has rescued us in love "from the power of darkness, and translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son."
Today there is a crisis of compromise with this present evil world in many Christian homes and churches. What is the nature of that compromise? Why do so few Christians seem to recognize it? Why are so few pastors and churches acting to meet the crisis?
As we study the history of the nation of Israel in the Old Testament and of the Christian church in the New Testament, we often find that spiritual compromise begins in the home. One of the most notable examples God has given us for our instruction, is in the history of the life of King Solomon of Israel.
Many Christians and churches have adopted the attitude that compromise with the world demonstrates humility. But God's Word tells us that compromise with the world actually involves pride. The path of separation -- separation from the world and separation unto God -- is the path of true humility.
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