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Is there such a thing, in the eyes of God, as a harmless compromise with the world, or a small or temporary compromise that will lead to a godly result?
What is the typical pattern when a church goes into compromise with the world? How does the Bible tell us to recognize what is happening?
Many different things are being preached that are all called "the gospel." All of them -- except one -- offers no true hope to man, for this life and for the life to come. Which one is the true Gospel? How can we know? And once we have identified the one true Gospel, what must we do?
Do you think of the Bible's command for believers to be separate from the world as something restrictive or limiting? The Bible actually says that the opposite is true.
What is Christian liberty? Is it liberty to do anything that you want to do? Is it liberty to please yourself?
Many Christians and churches are treating God's command to be separate from the world as an option, something we should only practice when we think it is best - or perhaps not at all. But what does God's Word say?
What is the standard of separation for the believer and for the church? Scripture tells us that the standard is God Himself - "Be holy, for I am holy." The standard is unchanging, because He is unchanging.
The Biblical doctrine of separation is not something that is irrelevant or outdated in our time. It is just as important - perhaps more so - than at any other time in the history of the people of God. But what exactly is separation? How does the Bible define it? What is the key to it?
Has man changed, have social conditions changed, or have methods of presenting the Gospel changed, so that the Biblical doctrine of separation is no longer relevant, or the church needs to modify it?
Is it the job of Christians to reclaim the cultures of this present world? What does the Bible say about this? Stay tuned for the answer from God's Word, as we enter a new phase of our study of the book of Colossians.
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