Seminars & Events

TeachingtheWord president Dr. Paul Elliott is available to speak at your church in regular services or special meetings. We also conduct conferences, seminars, and other events on a variety of topics designed to equip the Scripture-driven church. At present, Dr. Elliott is unable to travel outside the United States due to medical restrictions.
These events can be packaged in flexible ways, including weekend or weeknight conferences at your church or a public venue; special presentations for men's, women's, and youth groups; school assemblies; and homeschool conventions.
Here are some of our program themes:
  • Finding the Right Bible:
    Navigating the Maze of Versions and Translations

  • The Cult of Evolutionism:
    A Biblical Reponse to a Religious Movement

  • Telling the Truth:
    Answering the New Atheist Threat With Biblical Authority

  • Recovering the Scripture-Driven Church:
    Reconnecting to the Church's Source of Power and Authority

  • What's the Purpose?
    A Biblical Response to the Purpose-Driven Church Movement

  • The Church in a State of Emergent-cy:
    A Biblical Response to the Emergent Church Phenomenon

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