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Bible Reading Challenge Kit
According to reliable surveys, only 15% of Bible-believing Christians regularly read the Book they claim to believe. 35% never read it outside of church. 50% only read God's Word occasionally. Where do you fit in this picture?
We encourage everyone to make a commitment to read the entire Word of God each year. And each year, we hear from folks who tell us what a blessing it's been to read God's Word, completely and systematically.


We've prepared a special FREE KIT to help you understand why such a commitment is vital. We want to encourage you to make that commitment, stick with it, and benefit from it.


Our FREE Bible Reading Challenge Kit includes these resources:

  • Our Bible Reading Schedule takes you through the entire Word in a year, in about 20 minutes a day.
  • Why Should You Read the Entire Bible Every Year? explains why it is vital to read God's Word systematically.
  • More Precious Than Gold: How to Read and Study God's Word Profitably explains how to get the most out of your commitment to read the Word.
Please note: The kit does not include a Bible.
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The Profitable Word &
TTW News Updates
Our FREE electronic Bible teaching publication, The Profitable Word, delivered Monday through Saturday to your e-mail in-box, includes
  • Today's Question -- answers to your questions about the Bible
  • This Week's Broadcast -- The Scripture-Driven Church radio program
  • Vital Sermons -- From the Martyn Lloyd-Jones recordings archive
  • The Bible in a Year -- Read the entire Word of God in a year, in about 20 minutes a day
  • Morning and Evening -- Each day's selections from Charles Spurgeon's classic devotional book
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The Emergent Church's Retreat
Into Pre-Reformation Darkness
Is the Emergent Church movement the "way forward" for the church -- or is it a headlong, headstrong retreat into pre-Reformation spiritual darkness? What does God's Word say about it?
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Salvation: Adoption by God
What does it mean to be adopted by God?
The answers may surprise you!
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What Does It Mean to Be a
Scripture-Driven Church?
Ten 26-minute messages by Dr. Paul M. Elliott:
  • The Greatest Story Never Read
  • Wrong Views of the Bible's Authority
  • The Only Supernatural Book
  • The Necessity of Illumination
  • Keys to Proper Interpretation
  • Doctrine Decides
  • Seven Marks of a Scripture-Driven Church (4 parts)

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