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How must the adopted sons of God live in this present evil world? We must live in view of the destiny God has ordained for us, the boundary He has placed around us, the dwelling place He has taken within us, and the promise He has given us.
How are God's adopted sons to meet the challenges of living in a way that honors our new family name in an evil world?
Did you know that if you are truly a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, if you are truly an adopted son of God, you have new relationships with all other human beings - both believers and unbelievers?
Did you know that if you are trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life, the Bible says you are an adopted son of God? Do you know what your greatest privilege is as God's adopted son? Are you taking full advantage of it?
Did you know that every believer, as an adopted son of God, has one but two great intercessors in prayer to our Heavenly Father? That great privilege is our focus today, as we continue our study of the great doctrine of our adoption as sons.
The Bible tells us that if you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father has given you adoption as His son for eternity. Dear friend, are you living life in this present world in the light of that great truth? Today, too few Christians understand the great privileges we have as the adopted sons of God. Those great privileges will be our focus today, as we continue our study of the marvelous doctrine of God's adoption of every believer in Christ as His son.
Did you know that if you are trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation, that God has given you the gift of adoption as a son? This is a precious teaching in the Word of God, but today it is very little taught in our churches, and very little understood by the people of God. I hope you'll join us today as we explore this great gift of God, the gift of adoption, which is the sure possession of every believer in Christ.
How does God command the loyalty of Christians? Does He command loyalty in the way that dictators of this world command loyalty from their subjects? No, God commands our loyalty by loving us with an everlasting love, through the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the greatest ways in which God has shown that love to us is by adopting each believer in Christ as a son of God.

The Biblical language is very specific: All believers, men and women, boys and girls, are adopted as sons of God. Why is that important for us to understand? What great privileges are ours because this is true? Stay tuned for the answers, as we continue our study in Colossians chapter three and other passages in Paul's epistles to the churches.
Our place of citizenship as believers, and the constitution of our government, is in Heaven and not on this earth.
The song of the angels in Luke chapter two is one of the most misunderstood passages in the entire Bible. In our English Bibles it reads, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men."

Today, many even in the church have turned these words into a message of peace on man's terms. But what is the true meaning of these words? Stay tuned for the answer, as we conclude our two-part message on the announcement of the incarnation of Christ.
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