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What does it mean to come boldly before God's throne?
What is the believer's greatest privilege? Are you taking full advantage of it?
What needs to change in order for the Bible-believing church to become truly Protestant, truly the church of the Reformation, once again?
Few Christians understand how much of the truth the Reformers recovered from the darkness of Romanism has now slipped from the Evangelical church's grasp.
It is dangerous to view Scripture through a man-made lens.
What does the Bible mean when it speaks of dispensations?
What exactly is the Body of Christ? When did it begin? Who are its members? What is its relationship to Israel? What is Christ's purpose for His body in this world?
What does Paul mean when he says, I "fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ" (Colossians 1:24)? Must we add to Christ's work on the cross?
Beware of a church in which anything or anyone is preeminent instead of the Lord Jesus Christ.
What does Paul mean when he says, "if you continue in the faith"? Is this a hypothetical case - something that might happen, or might not?
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