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The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church. What does that mean?
No human knowledge has ever solved spiritual problems. A different realm of knowledge is required.
What is the source, standard, purpose, and structure of genuine church authority, according to the New Testament?
John 4:14; Numbers 12:1
The resistant unbelieving person is not merely one who has not heard the good news of salvation through Jesus Christh, but an individual who has made the decision not to believe.
Who, according to Scripture, is to form the first line of defense against error and those who teach it?
How can Christians say that all loss is gain in Christ?
Damnable heresy is openly taught in reputedly conservative Presbyterian churches today. The leaders of those denominations exercise counterfeit, un-Biblical authority to protect and promote it.
Many people think that to be Christian is to be sincere, knowledgeable, and zealous about God and what they perceive as good things. However, none of these address their relationship with God or their sin.
During this program we share with you a godly pastor's personal confrontation with the leaders of a denomination that is buying into the Emergent philosophy.
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