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Mr. Biden and many others characterize the "battle for the soul of America" as a struggle to take the nation ever more deeply into lawlessness - and many, even in the visible church, are supporting such an outcome
What is a counterfeit mediator? What are some examples in today's church? How does Jesus differ from all of them?
Must you bow to the authority of a church's leaders to interpret the Bible for you, and permit them to add their alleged revelations to it?
The Bible tells us that there are many wrong ways, but only one right way, to confront counterfeit revelation in the church.
What is the essential difference between the unbeliever and the Christian?
What is the nature of spiritual intruders?
We find many people in Scripture who passed themselves off as being deeply religious, but were not saved.
What is the nature of counterfeit revelation? What is the one place of safety from its dangers?
To understand that the prosperity gospel's teaching on healing is false, let us see from God's Word what is true.
The fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ stands at the center of Christianity - and at the center of man's unbelief.
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