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Jesus' attesting signs while on earth also speak of His present power to provide "grace to help in time of need."
We are told that Jesus "marveled" at the pathetic unbelief of the people of Nazareth. How could the omniscient Son of God marvel at anything? Would He marvel at us?
The very facts that demonstrated Jesus' authenticity as the Messiah were a scandal to many of the Jews - but others understood and believed.
The recent shootings at a church school in Nashville have brought the sin of sexual self-identification for the forefront of the news. But among many in the church today there is an even deeper problem of sinful self-identification.
Postmodern people reject the Gospel for the same reason that the Jewish people of Jesus' day rejected Him: Jesus is not who they want Him to be.
Is sainthood limited to a relatively few dead people who have received that designation by the authority of a church hierarchy? Or is sainthood the title of living people?
Men must recognize, and bow the knee to, the true Source of doctrine and authority.
How did this evil enter the church, and what form did it take?
Sin is a state of the soul and the mind, not merely an action. Unbelief is the product of it.
The Gospel tells us not what we must do, but what God's immense and free mercy has done for us.
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