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The Auburn Affirmation was not something that appeared "out of the blue". Those who exercised spiritual discernment understood that it was the culmination of over one hundred years of growing doctrinal compromise.
The first false principle of the Auburn Affirmation was actually an evil tactic: conceal the theological liberals' true intentions.
An undiscerning and indifferent majority allowed a small minority of a denomination's ordained men - less than 15% - to lead it to spiritual destruction.
In 1924 liberals began a major offensive to achieve their long-planned takeover of the Presbyterian Church in the United States by issuing an "affirmation" attacking Biblical Christianity as "intolerant".
How does the account of Christ's healing of the paralytic apply to us today?
How must the church conduct evangelism, and answer anti-Christian positions?
Which is easier - to forgive sins, or to heal a paralytic?
Would you be this determined to bring someone to the Savior?
As He demonstrated on this day and so many others, to turn away from the one true Gospel is to turn away from Jesus himself.
Four different kinds of people were in the crowd when Jesus' preaching was interrupted by the appearance of a paralyzed man on a bed. Which would you have been?
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