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"Who stands to gain the most from this distortion of Scripture? The preachers who use the offerings to fund their high lifestyle."
Where does the believer in the authentic Christ of Scripture find riches in this present world? We find them not in material things, but in God Himself.
"Prosperity preachers write checks with their mouths that the Bible doesn't cash."
Mankind may be capable of extraordinary feats of science, technology, art, and medicine, but we are unable to comprehend spiritual truths unless God opens our hearts and minds to understand the Gospel.
What is the source of Evangelicalism's epidemic of false worship? What is God's cure for it?
The prosperity gospel portrays a false "God" whose love can be bought, and whose blessings are not free.
The heir apparent to the world's leading prosperity gospel financial empire, who has since broken from it and been truly born again, takes readers behind the scenes in a gripping book.
There is widespread anti-Scriptural fraud among those who claim to exercise tongues-speaking in the prosperity gospel movement.
If the evidence is clear, why did so may in Jesus's time reject Him, just as many reject Him today?
Roman Catholicism commands the worship of four things that God never commanded in Scripture.
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