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The answer may not be what you think.
I urge all of our readers to take the time to view a powerful sermon on this vital subject.
Opposing theological liberalism is an all-or-nothing proposition.
As one commentator put it, in 1924 conservatives "made a grave mistake...[that] has troubled the church ever since."
Liberals insist that precise definition of the Gospel is unhealthy for the church - and far too many self-described Evangelicals agree.
The second deadly dagger of apostasy is the un-Biblical redefinition of Christianity.
Doctrinal pluralism is one of the three deadly daggers of apostasy.
Liberals twist Scripture to establish un-Biblical "rules" to protect heretics.
The Auburn liberals used ecclesiastical "lawfare" to make it impossible for false teachers to be ejected from the church.
The Auburn liberals denied that the men God inspired to write Scripture were "kept from error".
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