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What is the nature of counterfeit revelation? What is the one place of safety from its dangers?
To understand that the prosperity gospel's teaching on healing is false, let us see from God's Word what is true.
The fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ stands at the center of Christianity - and at the center of man's unbelief.
Failure to obey God in the doctrine of worship is, very often, a key indicator of deeper and wider spiritual problems in a church.
"We must stand firm against this dangerous false teaching and fight to bring the truth to those whom the prosperity gospel exploits."
"The prosperity gospel attracts those who are looking to get rich off people desperate for hope."
Men and women who preach the prosperity gospel on Sunday are laughing all the way to the bank on Monday.
Today large segments of the Evangelical church are buying into ten lies about worship that will transform a sound church into a synagogue of Satan.
Why do people not believe on Christ? A central reason for unbelief is that sinful men will not have Jesus as their Lord.
"The prosperity gospel turns faith into a works-based system and confuses it by adding burdens that people cannot carry."
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