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An Open Letter to Harold Camping

By Dr. Paul M. Elliott
If Harold Camping of Family Radio truly believes the world will end in 2011, he should not hesitate to accept the proposal contained in this letter.

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If Harold Camping truly believes the world will end in 2011, he should not hesitate to accept the proposal contained in this letter.

April 25, 2011
Mr. Harold Camping
Family Stations Incorporated
290 Hegenberger Road
Oakland, California 94621
United States of America

Dear Mr. Camping,

For the last several years you have prophesied that the Lord Jesus Christ will return on May 21, 2011 to take true believers out of this world, and that the end of the world will occur on October 20, 2011.

The Lord Jesus Christ made it absolutely clear that no one knows the time of His return and must not seek to predict it (e.g., Matthew 24:36, Acts 1:7). But you have declared that those plain statements of Scripture are now "inoperative" because the "church age" has ended.

Through the Family Radio Network of over 100 radio and television stations, which you control and which you and your followers use as your daily pulpit, you are leading hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions - around the world on a path to perdition.

If this false prophecy were your only heresy, it would be sin enough. But you have descended much further into the depths. You claim that you are receiving "new revelations" (your phrase) from God that have authority over Scripture. Thus you not only deny the plain teaching of Revelation 22:18-19, Proverbs 30:6, Deuteronomy 4:2, and other passages. Your alleged "revelations" openly contradict the essentials of the Christian faith as plainly taught in God's Word.

Let me mention but a few examples. You now teach that "true believers" are only those who agree with your prophecy, and that all others are lost. You now openly deny the doctrine of the Trinity. You deny that the atonement for sinners was accomplished by Christ on the earthly cross. That cross-death, you say, is only symbolic in nature. You deny that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, and you state that He had a beginning. You teach annihilationism, the heresy that the lost will not spend eternity in the Lake of Fire but will merely cease to exist.

Mr. Camping, by these and many other statements you have demonstrated yourself to be no Christian at all, but the leader of an antichristian cult in the mold of Charles Taze Russell (founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses) and Mary Baker Eddy (founder of Christian Science). If your new teachings were in fact new revelations from God, He would be a liar, because He would be contradicting His own Word, which He has told us is "forever settled in Heaven" (Psalm 119:89). The fact is, none of your false teachings are new; they are simply new forms of ancient heresies.

As you may know, TeachingTheWord Ministries has been one of a number of organizations that have taken seriously the Biblical mandate to expose you as a false teacher and false prophet (Romans 16:17-19, Ephesians 5:8-17, Colossians 2:4-10, Jude 3-4). This brings me to the purpose of this letter.

Through Family Stations Incorporated, you own and control a network of 109 radio and television stations. Some people have suggested that you and your board should sign ownership and control of that network over to a ministry or group of ministries that remain true to Scripture. They reason thus: If Camping is right, come the dawn on May 22, 2011 the Family Radio Network will be of no further use to him and his followers. They will be gone from this world, and the final events leading to the end of the world on October 20, 2011 will have been set in motion. On the other hand, if Camping is wrong, he and his followers will have been thoroughly discredited, and the network should be put to use to proclaim the truth as it is found in Scripture alone. In either case, there is no reason why Harold Camping and his board should not sign ownership and control of Family Stations Incorporated over to a ministry or ministries that have opposed him, without delay.

I agree with the last statement. There is no reason why you and your board should not take that action immediately. But I cannot approach you on the suggested basis, for one compelling reason. To begin with the proposition, "If Camping is right..." is to say, "If God's Word is wrong..." There is no middle ground.

There is only one basis on which I or anyone else can approach you, and that is the immutability of God and His Word. Your false teachings are about to come crashing to the dust. Unless Christ comes before that time (on His timetable, not yours), or you and some of your followers have died before then, all of you will still be here come the dawn on May 22, 2011.

This being the case, I am writing to urge you to transfer ownership of Family Stations Incorporated to faithful ministries without delay, effective May 22, 2011. On that date the network will be of no further use to you, and the work of attempting to un-do the great damage you have done must begin without delay. I and other faithful men, representing faithful churches and ministries, are ready to meet with you for this purpose at any time.

You will probably dismiss this proposal in the sardonic manner I have heard countless times on the air. But if you really believe what you teach, then surrendering control of Family Stations Incorporated represents no loss to you. But it would represent great gain to the true cause of Christ.

Above all, may God in mercy bring you to repentance, even at this late hour in your own long life, and in the life of your false prophecies.

Sincerely in the Name of Christ,
Dr. Paul M. Elliott
TeachingTheWord Ministries
56 West Main Street - Suite B-2
Westminster, Maryland 21157
United States of America


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