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Camping's apology for his false prophecies does not constitute true repentance for decades of heresy.
Camping's failed prediction is the least of his damnable heresies. He has led souls to Hell, and has condemned himself.
Cult leader Harold Camping says that all of mankind - and Satan himself - will be annihilated in a five-month period beginning next week. Camping's false teaching denies the Gospel itself.
If Harold Camping of Family Radio truly believes the world will end in 2011, he should not hesitate to accept the proposal contained in this letter.
Is Harold Camping right? Christians need to focus on the answers to three questions.
January 1st is the time of year when end-of-the-world predictions receive big publicity.
Family Radio's Harold Camping has predicted that Jesus Christ will return for believers on 5/21/2011 and the world will end on 10/20/2011.
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