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The Bible makes it clear that the saints in glory aren't going to sit on clouds and strum harps.
November 7, 2020 - Dr. Elliott preached this message over ten years ago, but it speaks much from God's Word concerning the crisis in America today.??? 
There are four possible outcomes when believers confront false teaching in the church. Each requires no tolerance of heresy, and no compromise of the truth.
The fifth key to a Biblically loving response to apostasy is to understand and follow the Biblical process, and the associated commands and examples that we find in the Word.
How will you respond when other people twist Scripture to try to keep you from doing what the Word of God commands you to do?
Would you stand for the truth, unashamed and unafraid? How would you respond to those who criticize or even attempt to silence you?
When confronting apostasy in the church, you must have the right motivation, and you must employ the right standard. The two are tightly linked.
Demonstrating genuine Christian love in the church may require you to make the self-sacrifice of putting your reputation on the line by sounding the alarm about apostasy within your own church.
Being regenerated by the Holy Spirit gives the believer a unique power of perception concerning the riches of His Word.
God the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of the believer to see things, as the hymn writer has put it, that "Christless eyes have never seen." What things?
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