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Today many Christians and churches are treating God's command to be separate from the world as optional.
Does Jesus Christ have "the preeminence" -- first place in your thoughts and actions -- this Christmas?
What is the main thing that is tragically absent in many churches today?
I have never known a person who was truly a Christian who did not ask this question.
In Colossians 3:5 we find one of the most striking commandments in the entire Word of God.
A principle first stated and demonstrated in the wilderness camp of Israel must govern the life of every believer in this present day.
Is it possible for a true Christian to have a theoretical understanding of the Bible, but yet the Scriptures never change that person's life?
God's fulfilled Christmas promises are proof that His Word is the one thing you can always trust, in every circumstance of life.
Christ's coming into this world 2,000 years ago demonstrates the fact that God always keeps His promises.
Martin Luther did not think that he would come to a point where he would be on trial for his life for the Christian faith in so-called Christian Europe. Could such a thing happen to Bible-believing Christians today?
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