Handel's Messiah: The Person and Work of Christ

The Old Testament prophets spoke of a Messianic glory that is now manifested in the elect of God.
The Jewish rulers of Jesus' day had a very debased view of Messiah's coming government. But the Godhead had a far greater plan.
Much of the mountain of evidence for the Messiah's deity is to be found in the pages of John's Gospel.
In view of Scripture's massive evidence, how can only 40% of today's Evangelicals believe that Jesus is both fully God and fully man?
Is Jesus the Messiah "Wonderful" to you?
Is Jesus the Messiah your great Counsellor? Is He the one whose counsels you seek, and make it your purpose to obey?
The authentic Messiah of Scripture is not the weak, even effeminate character of art, cinema, and television. He is a man's man.
How can Messiah, God the Son, also be "The Everlasting Father"? Why was this prophetic statement vital?
Many self-described Evangelicals are no more orthodox in their beliefs about Jesus than the Pharisees during His days on earth.
Believers in Jesus can truly say, "He Himself is our peace" (Ephesians 2:14) - both now and for eternity.
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