Handel's Messiah: The Person and Work of Christ

Throughout history, world rulers and religious apostates have taken their futile stands against the Lord and His Messiah.
What is the meaning of "a refiner's fire"? How is Jesus the Messiah like this? The New Testament gives the answers.
Who are the "sons of Levi" spoken of in Malachi chapter 3?
The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is a non-negotiable, essential fact of authentic Biblical Christianity. Why is this the case?
Against the dark backdrop of thousands of years of sin, spiritual adultery, and pagan conquest came the glorious good tidings, "Behold your God!"
Earthly Jerusalem, often called Zion in Scripture, is typical of the true Zion from which Messiah came forth.
The Messiah from the heavenly Zion made two "triumphal entries" into earthly Zion - one before the cross, another after His resurrection.
The heavenly Zion from which Messiah has come, and where He now reigns, is the homeland of all believers in Him.
A recent survey shows that only a minority of self-described Evangelicals truly understand who the Messiah is, what He has done, and why it matters.
Has light come to you? Have you come to the light?
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