Church - Contemporary Issues

Erskine Seminary enrolls Jewish, Muslim, Mormon & 7th-Day Adventist clerics in its Doctor of Ministry program.
For proponents of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, Avatar surpasses the Biblical Exodus.
Does an active, conscious, organized conspiracy against Christ, the Bible, and the Gospel exist within the organized church? A great deal of evidence says there is.
Farley's "100% natural, no additives" gospel is not the authentic Gospel, but a subtle counterfeit.
The Bible debunks the idea of a Zodiac "gospel" and delivers clear warnings against involvement with astrology.
Are the sponsors & speakers at the Calvin500 Celebration true sons of the prophets - or modern Pharisees?
We must be good citizens, but we cannot protect or expand Christ's cause by political and social activism.
Situation ethics isn't new. It's as old as the Fall of Man.
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