Church - Contemporary Issues

A once little-known Dutch theologian's pernicious influence is growing exponentially in the American church, helping to spawn a growing crop of false teachings.
While most U. S. presidents' Thanksgiving Day proclamations have acknowledged the blessings of God, one of the most recent was purely humanistic.
The controversy over President Obama's religious faith reveals a deeper problem in the Evangelical church.
In interesting ways that may surprise you!
Given the general abuse of the term "Christian", is it time for true believers in Christ to stop using that designation?
Some readers criticize us for citing, by name, individuals and institutions that promote heretical doctrines.
A number of people have asked why we didn't sign this doctrinal affirmation.
The real purpose is to advance the agenda of a one-world church under the headship of the Vatican.
If you're looking for excuses not to, you won't find them in the Bible.
Christians must approach this question on the basis of Scripture alone, not emotion or expediency.
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