Biblical Worship

Counterfeit worship is not new. In the early church, the Gnostics undermined Biblical worship by introducing angel worship, denying the deity of Christ, and other ungodly inventions. In the centuries that followed, Roman Catholicism borrowed heavily from the paganism of the Roman Empire; today, syncretism remains the basis of its worship. Postmodern Evangelicalism says that the worship service must be a well-planned stage production designed to impress the unchurched, and manufacture desired results based on appeals to the lusts of the flesh while disregarding the lordship of Christ.

In contrast to these past and present abuses, what does Scripture say about the nature of genuine, God-honoring worship? How can Christians recognize the roots and fruits of counterfeit worship in our time, and how must we respond?

The philosophy promoted by the purveyors of counterfeit worship can be summed up in ten un-Biblical statements.
Postmodern Evangelicals call it "the culture" and want to bring it into the church. Scripture calls it "the world" - and warns us that to embrace it is spiritual adultery.
In worship as in all things, Christians must desire that which God commands.
Biblical worship is a matter of sound doctrine, just as much as the doctrines of the Trinity, the holiness of God, or the atonement.
The fires of our worship must be kindled by God, not the world.
The presence of counterfeit worship is a key indicator that a church's leadership and membership have deeper doctrinal problems that can cut the very heart out of the Christian faith.
Who is qualified to worship God? What is the central element of Biblical worship?
How is it that Christians now observe the first day of the week as the Sabbath instead of the seventh day of the Old Testament? Did God authorize this change? What does this say about postmodern Evangelical churches that hold services on Saturday night as well as (or instead of) Sunday for the sake of convenience?
Pastor, church leader, church member, how is it in your congregation? Are you effectively worshipping the false gods and goddesses of this world, or are you worshipping the Lord alone "in the beauty of holiness"?
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