The Christian Life: God's Will

In this series we shall examine the riches of Paul's great prayer, in Colossians chapter one, that believers will be filled with the knowledge of God's will.
Often Christians try to complicate the answer to this question, but the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul tells us that it is actually not complicated.
In Colossians chapter one, Paul uses a Greek word for knowledge that makes this plain.
In this section of our study we examine the two God-given means of knowing His will, and three key principles for applying them.
Spiritual wisdom is God's way of providing at least ninety percent of the guidance believers need each day.
Spiritual wisdom and spiritual understanding are two companion elements in knowing God's will.
Confusion and heartache often come because Christians accept cheap and deceitful substitutes for the genuine and all-surpassing knowledge of God's will.
The purpose of knowing God's will is to conduct your life in a way befitting your identity with Christ.
In Colossians chapter one, the Apostle Paul gives six key characteristics of a worthy walk.
This is a life-long process for the believer, involving an ever-deepening knowledge of who Christ is, what pleases Him, and the magnitude of His holiness.
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