Protestant Reformation

Are the sponsors and speakers at various Reformation 500 commemorations true sons of the prophets - or like the Pharisees of old, are they hypocrites decorating the tombs of those their forefathers killed?
The "secret" of the Reformation was not the Reformers, but their God. Evangelicals must re-learn this truth today.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones put it well: Can you imagine John Knox on television?
They believed, taught, lived, and even gave their lives on the basis of a secure and unchanging promise of God.
It is the same now as in the 16th century. It focuses on this question: "How is the individual made right with God?"
The Reformers were men who went back to the Bible. They said, "Nothing matters but this."
The greatest lesson is that the church truly moves forward only by constantly going back to its foundation.
The evidence shows that, in key respects, both are returning to conditions that prevailed in the Middle Ages.
Are the Calvin500 Celebration sponsors & speakers true sons of the prophets - or like the Pharisees of old?
He takes Billy & Franklin Graham's ecumenism further by championing a "new Reformation" to obliterate the old.
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