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We answer that question by posing additional questions that demonstrate that such a thing is impossible.
In this article we share two examples.
What is the answer to those who claim that the church must be satisfied with "uncertainty" and "ambiguity" about the Word of God?
In thousands of pulpits and hundreds of Bible college and seminary classrooms, self-described evangelicals are denying that God is sovereign over His Word - and instructing an entire generation of Christians to think that way.
If God has not preserved every word, every letter of Holy Scripture as He originally gave it, then He has been defeated by Satan. We know this is not true.
God is sovereign over His Word, because it is the written embodiment of His Sovereign Decree.
In the 19th century, men who were not committed to the doctrine of the inerrancy of the Word of God began to develop an adulterated form of the Greek New Testament which was not based upon the authentic source texts. It has become the primary source text for Bible translation worldwide.
We must understand the vast difference between the naturalistic view of Scripture held by most Bible scholars today, and the supernaturalistic view we find in the Bible itself.
The common view of Biblical "inerrancy" in Christian academia and the church today should alarm Bible believers.
Holy Scripture is holy Scripture. We dare not take a low view of this Book.
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