Jesus Christ, The Holy One Of Israel

According to reliable surveys, nearly half of self-described evangelicals do not believe that Jesus Christ is sinless. Well over half believe they must add their own works to the cross-work of Christ in order to have eternal life. Given the sad state of evangelicalism's teaching regarding the holiness of Christ, this is not surprising - but it must be countered.

The doctrine of Christ's holiness is under attack today as never before. Much of that attack is coming from what should be the least expected source - inside the nominally evangelical church.
Have you ever heard something from a pulpit that was so shocking it made you doubt your senses?
The identity of Jesus Christ as the Holy One is not only a New Testament doctrine. We find it writ large for us throughout the Old Testament as well.
Careful study of Scripture - all of it, not just our pet passages or books - is the great safeguard against false teaching concerning the holiness of Christ.
The Gospels record the Holy One's great work: our sins placed on Him, and His robe of perfect righteousness placed on us.
The early church knew with certainty and proclaimed without apology - even at the risk of life - that Jesus is the promised Holy One.
The great theme of both Peter and Paul was the eternal plan of God to redeem a Church for Himself from among both Jews and Gentiles, in the promised Holy One.
The Holy Spirit inspired the book of Hebrews to deal with a perennial problem in all the centuries of the church: Doubt about the all-sufficiency of Christ.
Peter and John, two of the eyewitnesses of Christ's transfiguration, both testify to the sinless perfection of Jesus Christ.
The unfolding proclamation of Christ as the Holy One of Israel reaches its climax in the book of Revelation. It shows the Holy One triumphant - and the saints triumphant in Him.
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