Bible Studies: 2nd John

Should You Let False Teachers Cross the Threshold?

What should be the Christian's attitude toward false teachers, and what should motivate that attitude? How should this govern the church? How should this govern the Christian home?
What should you do when you become aware of false teachers in the church, or when representatives of the cults come to your door?

In his short second epistle, the Apostle John gives answers that run counter to much of contemporary teaching on these vital questions.

2nd John tells us that granting a false teacher access to your church, home, or mind is to become an accessory to his spiritual crimes.
2nd John verse 10 has a dual focus: False teachers must have no access to the church, or to the believer's home and family - and by clear implication, to our minds anywhere, any time.
There is a tendency, especially in our postmodern time, for Christians to "love" without regard to truth. True Christian love is not blind; to "love" without regard to truth can have grievous consequences for the individual Christian and the church as a body. Christians must have a complete and well-balanced understanding of agape love.
The Biblical motivation for maintaining sound doctrine in the church is agape love - love for Christ, love for His truth, and love for our brothers and sisters in the true faith.
When 2nd John verse 10 says of a false teacher, "do not receive him into your house," does this mean a private dwelling, or the church, or both?
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