Scripture and the Church

In First Thessalonians 5 beginning at verse 16, the Holy Spirit through Paul gives a series of concise but weighty exhortations to Christians regarding prayer, life, the Word of God, discernment, and evil.
At their core, the problems Paul found in the Thessalonian church are the same struggles Christians have always faced, and the solution is the same as ever.
The Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul exhorts the Thessalonians to persist in three things for which they had quickly become well known.
Christians today can learn much from the early church at Thessalonica - both that which is commendable and that which urgently requires correction.
Church history often shows times of over-emphasis on confessions and catechisms that, while inculcating a form of orthodoxy, actually distracted people from the ultimate goal.
We encourage Christian parents to find alternatives to government education for their children, whether in private schools or in the home.
Tattoos originated from paganism and idolatry, serving as displays of worship, self-expression, fashion, or identification of status. Should Christians receive them?
Women in pastoral ministry, once limited to liberal, mainline, and charismatic congregations, are now finding their way into Evangelicalism.
Christ gives motivation to persevere in the darkest times.
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