Theology: The Doctrine of God

The song of the angels announcing Christ's incarnation was not vague and indefinite, but clear and concrete. The church must understand that, and proclaim it.
The angels who came to simple shepherds to announce Christ's birth were soldiers of His heavenly army.
Those who actually believe that Jesus Christ is the one true and living God are a small minority of the world's population - even among those who call themselves Christians. What would you say if someone asked you to defend the doctrine of His deity?
To believe in the Christ of the Bible means to believe a vital doctrine little understood in postmodern Evangelicalism.
Understanding who "this Jesus" is involves a correct understanding of -- and thankfulness for -- the great doctrine of the Trinity.
What exactly did Paul mean when he said that Jesus "is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation"?
Today the Christ of Scripture is the subject of much misinformation and disinformation -- even within the Evangelical church.
Even the devils know who Jesus Christ is, but that kind of Christology doesn't save a sinner or produce genuine spiritual fruit.
Jesus stated many reasons why He came into the world, and they remind us of why He has sent us into the world.
A reader asks, "I understand that Jesus never sinned. But was the 'human side' of Jesus capable of committing sin?"
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