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"Patience and longsuffering with joy."
Since our last update on TTW's office move much has happened, and much remains to be done. What follows is an update, from our grateful hearts, on what the Lord has done and is doing.
The Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul uses two very significant words describing God's power in Colossians 1:11.
Here is the reason the Bible says we need spiritual power: We have no power of our own.
Christians need to understand that the only yardstick that counts when it comes to spiritual things is the Word of God, and the only evaluations that matter are the ones made by Jesus Christ, the righteous Judge and Head of the church.
The Lord has shown Himself mighty on our behalf since I sent out an urgent request for your prayers and financial help last weekend.
We live a world that has gone mad - mentally, spiritually, politically, morally. God's Word is our sure anchor in such a time as this.
After 16 years in the same location, TTW must move - in 10 days!
According to reliable surveys, the vast majority of Evangelicals believe that good works are necessary to earn eternal life.
Today many churches are telling people, "Come as you are," when what they really mean is, "Stay as you are" in, "Stay in your sins."
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