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The method of Christ's burial would give clear evidence of His bodily resurrection.
What are the marks of God's child, according to Scripture?
How do man-made doctrines enter the church? How does Satan get his foot in the door?
John 1:10-12 declares the nature of the firm foundation that gives those who are saved total security along with peace, and even joy, in the worst of trouble.
Man-made doctrines enter and ensnare the church through a focus on human leadership rather than Christ's headship.
What is the relationship between Old Covenant shadows and New Covenant substance?
Christ's incarnation provides great practical comfort to every Christian living life in this present evil world.
"Let's Go Brandon" is just one example of a widespread problem, even among Christians.
Christians and ministries which seek to practice Biblical separation should not partner in ministry with Franklin Graham or any of the organizations that are led by him.
Is water baptism the New Covenant replacement for Old Covenant circumcision?
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